Texas Holdem is one of the most popular poker variations. It features such things as aggressive game styles, large bet amounts and a lot of irregular game turns. Texas Holdem is a version that was built on the 7 Card Stud poker game. The similarity is in the fact that Texas Holdem players also use the best 5 card combination out of 7 available cards to determine if they win. Two cards are dealt face down to the players and the rest of the cards are dealt in the middle of the table and are used by all players to figure out their best combination. If you are playing the online game version, these 5 cards would be the same cards that all players see at the top of their screen. The two hidden cards can be seen only by the player to whom they were dealt.

In online Texas Holdem game each player will receive the seat number, usually in the order that they joined the game. There would be a symbol, called the “button”, that will identify the dealer. This symbol will rotate from one player to another. There would also be a specific limit on the game bets. Since texas holdem features an aggressive game style, it requires two start bets – blinds (one half the lower limit and one full amount of the lower limit) – to make sure the pot is worth something even before the game starts. These blinds are placed by two players who are positioned after the dealer. The computer (the dealer) will then provide each player with two cards viewable only by the players themselves. The cards are issued one at a time in the clockwise direction starting from the dealer’s left side.

Now the bets can be placed. It is only possible to fold, call or raise the bet at this time. The first player who can place a bet is the one sited in the forth seat, to the left of the large blind bettor. The next cycle is called the “Flop”. The

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