Online poker tells are clues that players can get to judge what type or how strong the card combinations in the hands of their opponents are. It is very important to be able to read the poker tells. If you know that your opponent has a great combination, this can save you from losing the game by folding your weaker hand immediately. On the other side, if you find out that your opponent has a weak hand, you would use another strategy. There are some tells that are specific to traditional offline poker. In online poker we cannot, for example, watch the eyes and facial expressions of the other players. This is why we will focus on the ones that you actually can use if you play the online version of the game.

The first and the most important tell is the response speed – whether your opponents respond quickly or slowly. In general, if the player responds with an action quickly, this should tell you that this player is likely to have a weak hand. On the other hand, it the other player takes a lot of time before he or she decides on the action, this can tell you that this player has a very good hand and he is thinking about his strategy for this game. On the other hand, a fast raise or bet indicates a very good hand, whereas a slower one may be due to the player thinking about whether or not the hand really warrants anything. Try to analyze other players by checking if what you believe the players’ card combinations are based on the game speed are and what they really are at the end of the game, if this is possible. As far as your own play, you should try to play with the same response speed for all hand combinations so as not to give away the strength of your hand. Once you become more advanced, you can try to give off false tells for the purposes of bluffing or slow-playing, but that’s another story.

Sometimes online versions allow the player to use a checkbox to automatically fold, raise the bet or call. If the player’s decision happens almost immediately, this could mean that one of the checkboxes is checked. For example, if the raise happens immediately, you may determine that the player has a great hand combination. Calling immediately may point to the incomplete combination – the opponent is waiting for the lucky card.

Another tell is the chat session that you will probably have at the bottom of your screen. The chat activity can provide you with a great deal of insight about your opponent’s hand. Let’s look at the example. If your opponent was actively participating in the chat session and suddenly stops his part of the conversation, there is a good chance that he has a good hand. Sometimes you may also determine is the player is bluffing based on the chat activity.

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