There are several mistakes that are made very often by the novice poker players that you should protect yourself from. The first section of this article deals with mistakes made during bluffing. The first mistake is made when a player relies too much on bluffing. If you bluff all the time, other players will notice this trend and will call to stop you. You should also avoid bluffing without a proper setup. Many times you will need to be consistent if your bluffing steps are to be successful. Players who suddenly go for winning the pot will be caught bluffing. To succeed you need to make your bluff believable by showing from the start that you have an excellent strong hand.

Another mistake that is commonly made, especially by the beginners, is a failure to realize that you have a weak hand. Many players don’t count their probabilistic success chances of improving their hand and continue to be optimistic when their chances are actually low. This happens especially often when a player has an Ace in the hand. You should always evaluate the chances you have to improve the hand before you decide to continue the game.

One more mistake that is commonly made is the underestimation of you opponents’ hands. You may have a good hand, but it will win only if it is better then your opponents’ hands. You should never look only at you success chances. See that the pot is and analyze the possibility that your opponents may have much more superior hands.

Many people also make a mistake of jumping between many different poker game types and not excelling in any one type. This is true especially if you are a novice player. The general suggesting here is to stay with one game type until you excel and are ready to move to the next level. After that you can try another game type or move to the next level with higher stakes. A gradual movement is the key here.

Many players make a mistake of following exactly the same game style and strategy all the time. Other players will be analyzing your behavior and as soon as they understand your game style, they will use it to their advantage. You should try to change your style once in a while so other players keep guessing what you will do next. Also don’t always play with the same people – try to play the game with different opponents.

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