Poker is one of the most interesting games available for players at online and traditional casinos. There are many variation of this game like Texas Holdem, Omaha Holdem and 7 Card Stud poker. You can be sure that you will find the game variation that you will like. This game is, however, also an advanced game and requires good memory, patience, skills (including bluffing skills) and a lot of practice. Poker is also played in different tournaments – small and large. Playing in tournaments requires separate skills and strategies for different game situations. Knowing these strategies will significantly increase your chances of winning. There are also specific strategies for various poker variations. Please visit our friends for more online poker tutorials.

Each poker tournament can usually be divided into four different stages. These are the game preparation, early game, mid game, and late game (final table). The preparation stage involves selecting the tournament type. For example, you can play in the satellite tournaments – smaller one table tournaments that allow you to proceed to larger tournaments if you are a winner. You can also select to participate in the shootout tournaments where you will need to beat everyone on your table and only then proceed to the finalists’ table. Other tournament types are free roll tournaments, re-buy tournaments, major tournaments, minor tournaments, guaranteed tournaments and freeze-out types.

The strategy for the beginning stage would depend on the tournament type. For example, the game style for the re-buy tournaments would be relaxed and aggressive since there is no elimination chance and more chips can be purchased. If the blinds are low at this stage of the game, you will have more flexibility to choose which hands to play and can sometimes bet larger wagers. You should try to earn enough chips so you can have at least some flexibility in later rounds.

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